I am pleased to let you know we have a new writer joining Written Road, Kelly Amabile. Kelly has been a long time WR reader and approached me a few weeks ago after I exposed my overful plate with starting the new Vegas blog. Then she came to the NYC Travel show where we were able to meet in person. I immediately knew she’d fit in. Kelly is a professional researcher, so she brings great skills to our team.

Here’s how it will work. Kelly will be providing market leads and resources for writers while I’ll still chime in with my literary climb, industry news, and the usual. Feel free to give us feedback on our coverage in the comment sections. We’re happy to adjust if we can.

Now, a big welcome to our new Written Road writer, Kelly Amabile.

Kelly Amabile was born a Jersey Girl but spent her youth as a New Yorker in the Hudson Valley. Her love of travel and exploration can be blamed on her childhood daytrips, viewings of Voyagers! and Land of the Lost episodes, as well as Girl Scout camping trips. A cross-country trip with her father in 1992 sealed her fate as a wanderlust woman. After graduating from Loyola College in Baltimore, she departed on an extended eight-country backpacking adventure through Europe.

Kelly’s curious nature landed her in various jobs in graphic design, public relations, and marketing, but recent graduate work in creative writing and digital media has led her to the travel publishing world and the blogging community, where she hopes to combine her true passions—reading, writing, and travel.

In addition to Europe, Kelly has been to Mexico, Canada, and Australia and has a list of future destinations. When not on the road, Kelly daydreams about opening a bookstore café where she can sell her popular (and often addictive) homemade biscotti.


  1. Market leads and resources for writers – that’ll be great, Kelly. Looking forward to your posts. And congratulations.

  2. Dusty, Mary & Susan — Hello! and thanks for the welcome wishes! I hope I can at least attempt to help Jen with all the great coverage and leads she has been providing for several years now.

    Susan — The biscotti recipe has been handed down from my great Aunt and I fear I may be disowned by the family if I give it away! But, my favorite thing is to bake them to share with others, so when our paths cross in person one day (and I hope they will), I’ll be sure to have plenty on hand! Come to think of it, they are great for traveling in all temps, they don’t melt in the heat and are super when frozen too — perfect for the nomadic sweettooths among us!

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