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I’ve been promising the addition of new volunteer writers on Written Road so we can expand this community, and we finally got it going! Kelly Amabile was our first and is off seeing the world with more than 100 days under her belt. Now, Terah Shelton is here and she’s already been at it for two months! Boy have the weeks slipped by. So, I wanted to let you know who Terah is, what a great help she has been to me, and encourage you to give her a warm welcome. We can all thank her for her efforts—Sheila already got a job from one of Terah’s posts, and that’s what we like to hear! So, thanks Terah!

Terah Shelton is a freelance travel writer and fanatic New York Yankee fan. She has watched the sunrise at the beginning of America, trekked through the jungles in the Bokeo Nature Reserve, searched for William Clark’s grave in St. Louis, used her looks for free gondola rides in Venice, learned the art of Laotian cooking in Vientiane, walked the Slovenian Coast, and much more. Her work has appeared in Byline, Southern Arts Journal, Go World Travel, Trips and Journeys, Bootsnall, and the Arkansas Traveler. She’s updates the Tampa and Norway travel guides for Intelliguide Professional and, in addition to Written Road, contributes to, Vagablond, a stylish ezine dedicated to fashionable travel. Terah is also a web contributor for Not for Tourists, a book reviewer for Nuts 4 Chic, and co-founder of Traveler’s Pen, an online writing forum for beginning travel writers. She also teaches a budget travel class at Emory University in Atlanta. Learn more about Terah, her love of biking and golf, and any future travels at Terahs.com.


  1. Terah! Okay, I’m already a T Shelton fan so yall are rolling your eyes, but GREAT NEWS on the Emory Gig and your other recent successes. Can I be you when I (continue) to not grow up?


  2. Terah!
    Kudos for the great work you’ve been doing on both Written Road and on Vagablond. You are one of the most enthusiastic travel bloggers I know… second only Jen Leo, of course.

    Again, congrats on your continued success and your infectious writing energy.


  3. Hi Terah. Sorry for this belated greeting, I don’t visit this blog as often as I would love to — too much happening on the work front. Thanks for all your useful posts.

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