I was trolling my Bloglines tonight while I waited for my laundry to dry. This post reminded me that I haven’t been to a good dinner party in a while.

When You Know Your Calling…

You know that I love eating. And if you’ve met me you know that I love talking. But I bet there are very few of you out there, if any, that know that I enjoy listening most when I’m surrounded by people who are smarter than I am—and we also happen to be eating and drinking. It is one of my favorite things in the world. Right behind shrimp and fish tacos. Of which I can talk endlessly about. Or maybe I’m just missing a good night out on the patio in Australia. And maybe that’s because I drank nearly a bottle of wine tonight.

But seriously, if you’re a brainiac that likes to talk about free will vs. destiny, and you have a friend with whom you like to debate such things—please invite me over and treat me like you’ve always known me instead of like a guest. If the weather’s good we’ll sit outside on the hood of the car. I’ll lay back and look at the stars and listen to both sides. Afterwards we’ll go inside and turn on the Garden State soundtrack.

That would make me a happy girl. It’s been way too long.


  1. How nice of you, thank you. The scene I described is actually taken from my high school days. Of course I added the soundtrack because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do also. Those were good times.

    But truly, I love dinner parties. Sadly I won’t be making it out to India or Baku, but I like knowing that the offer is there. 🙂

    I’ve also got a hankering for my friends in Belgium and London and San Diego, but until I figure out what I’m doing in April, San Diego is about the only one that stands a chance. Maybe I can combine Jim and Leslie with a fish/shrimp taco dinner in Mexico. 🙂

    And now I’m going to go look up where Baku is 🙂

  2. Hey Jen,

    Love the blog. Well, I don’t know how brilliant my hubby and I are (but he is a real live rocket scientist working at Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena) but we’d love to have you for dinner next time you’re in the LA area. Feel free to check out my website to find out whether I’m a serial killer or not ;-). https://www.xinamarieuhl.com


  3. I throw a mean dinner party (albeit vegetarian) with great wine. You are welcome, as long as you don’t mind if I talk your ear off about the long trip to Europe I’m trying to plan, and my hopes to journal the trip well enough to create a book, or at least some stories, out of it. https://www.amyleland.net/travel

  4. Yeah, and when I’m eating fried balogna I don’t want to talk or listen–I just want to eat!

    Maybe on this year’s tour, Hugh. 🙂 November.

  5. Jen;
    You sound like an interesting dinner companion. If you dont mind a bunch of ex-military survival instructors for company. Everyone here has more then one story to tell. Let us know if and when you might be in the Panama City Florida area and if were in town one or several of us would be pleased to take you to dinner. You can check out our website at globalprinciples.com Take Care. EricM

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