I was at a party last night listening to my friends talk about their upcoming trip to Russia. The husband was telling us about where they were going and included the advice, “Lars and Jacqui said…XXX about Russia.” Right then, his wife interjected the way couples do in telling a story. (I love that!)

So, the wife starts to explain that “Lars and Jacqui” is indeed a travel journal that they found on the internet. Which takes a little more explanation because the whole group of us (girlfriends from high school and their husbands and me), just assumed that they were referring to friends from work, or their life since high school.

I got a big laugh out of this and immediately got out the laptop (found a free wireless signal) and looked up the website to show everyone. Sure enough, there was a travel journal filled with the detailed information of another couple’s trip through Russia. Lars and Jacqui. They say Jacqui and Lars on the website, but my friend took liberties in reversing it and I think it sounds better his way.

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