GoNomad.com was nice enough to interview me this month.

Jen Leo: Bra, Panties, and Talent

Their support has a lot to do with travel writer Kent E. St. John being a huge Travelers’ Tales fan.

As it turns out, I had been on their site getting valuable travel information just before they contacted me about the interview. Truly. I was all over “The GoNOMAD MINI GUIDE to Freighter Travel,”and “The GoNOMAD MINI GUIDE to Flying Cheap: Air Courier Travel.” However, GoNomad is just as entertaining as it is informative. Just take a look at “The Bathroom Diaries,” and “Travel Chic: How to Refurbish Vintage Luggage.”

But back to the interview…I hope you enjoy it and learn something new. I tried not to repeat stories I’d told in Rolf’s interview.


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