One of the coolest on line cultural and trendy websites is Coolhunter. As the name suggests, it writes about anything cool for a young and happening audience.

Hits speak for quality: with about 1.4 million hits a month — 420,000 of which are unique visitors — it is definitely a good site to contribute to. Other than travel, they mainly write about fashion, lifestyle, architecture, design and music — they are currently looking particularly for new contributors in fashion, design/architecture and music.

Although not travel, getting a gig like this is worth it as once you have your foot in the door, there are always possibilities of moving towards writing about travel for them.

What you need to apply: “You need to be able to write concise, snappy copy but more importantly you need the ability to locate and unearth interesting and original things – that means people, products and places that are leading the way. Basically you need a ‘cool radar’ that enables you to spot something of interest at 20 paces.”

If this sounds like you, send them a 100 word sample with a picture if you have one to:

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