Pat and Cat Patterson have traveled 23,000 miles on bicycle, across 57 countries, over 4-years, and are currently looking for a ghost-writer to help them put together their travelogues for a book proposal.

The book is to have special focus towards Boomers as they hope to encourage (from their own example) “senior” people “get off their duffs and out breathing fresh air and exercising” and make them realize that they are capable of doing much more than they think they can at their age. Through their book they also want to reinforce to aging athletes and even those with health problems, that cycling is a great replacement for running, tennis and other knee and leg wear and tear exercise.

They have already written 700 pages, and have even signed with a book agent. They would need help editing, compressing, expanding/expounding on important parts and finding a path to the best target market.

To apply, you need to:
– Demonstrate keen interest in their story and cause
– Send them samples of your published work
– Relevant work experience is a plus

If interested and for any further queries, you can email Catherine Patterson at: worldriders2[at]yahoo[dot]com

Their story is truly inspiring: you can read all about them and their travel adventures on their website: and here is a recent post on them at Vagablogging.

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  1. They’ve already written 700 pages! They don’t need a ghost writer they need an axe-weilding, hockey-masked slasher.

    Even so, their story sounds amazing and I hope they find someone to help them out.

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