If you’re currently living in Quito, Ecuador, or even planning a South American escape somewhere in the vicinity, listen up. V!VA Travel Guides is looking for flexible, web-savvy travel writers for their Quito office, where the company’s editorial staff is based. If you’re not familiar with V!VA, it’s an online community of adventurous travelers that harnesses the power of web 2.0 technologies to produce up to date and interesting travel guides.

-Writing guidebook and web content
-Content and Copy Editing for both printed and web content
-Keeping the website up to date using the content management system
-Design and creation of books using Adobe Indesign

-Proven writing talent
-Desktop publishing skills, especially Adobe Indesign
-Significant travel experience
-Experience using content-management systems to update websites
-Web design experience
-Intermediate level Spanish
-A flexible approach
-A minimum time commitment of one year

To apply, please send your cover letter detailing why you are suitable for the job along with your resume and a short writing sample (no more than 500 words), to: write[at]vivatravelguides[dot]com. Learn more at this listing.

Unfortunately the listing doesn’t indicate what pay would be, so be sure to ask if you send an email.

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