Stonesong Press is looking for a travel journalist to be the lead author on a series of books that will detail the best movies and books that capture the feel of a foreign country/city.

The series is as much for armchair travelers as it is for globetrotters. Each title will cover a specific country or region. Capsule summaries of must-see films and must-read books for each destination will be organized by themes. The writer will be paid an advance and royalties (this is not a work-for-hire assignment) and his or her name will be on the book.

The writer should possess a keen understanding of the country at hand. Writer will need to locate and interview experts (other travel writers, people in the tourism industry, travel bookstore owners, film scouts, etc.) about their recommended books and movies. The tone should be engaging and entertaining and the writing needs to be evocative and impressionistic rather than strictly informative.

The first two titles in the series will focus on France and Italy, and subsequent titles may include Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Russia and China.

If interested in the project please e-mail resume and writing samples to Alison Fargis at afargis [at]Stonesong[dot]com.

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