Two Europe related items crossed my plate this week, and those of you budget-minded or indie travelers will be quite pleased with the finds.
If you’re planning a trip to Europe and want to watch your Euros, check out this site. It’s been a long time since I’ve come across a travel website so well organized and efficient. They give you a city photo, hotel info, tips, a readinglist, recommendations, and an overview of neighborhoods all on one page! No more clicking around to get to each individual subject matter. I like that the ads are limited, and your booking options are at the ready but not overbearing. I’ll definitely be using this resource the next time I go to Europe!
Italy from a Backpack Spain from a Backpack

Europe from a Backpack Series

A while back we told the WR readers that the Europe from a Backpack series was taking submissions. Ryan Forsythe stepped up to the plate and got his Cinque Terre story, “The Way of Love,” published in Italy from a Backpack. Congrats Ryan! For those of you planning a trip to Italy or Spain (their new titles) get in on this great WR specific book giveaway. Editor Mark Pearson is celebrating their new release by giving away five copies of each book. Just email and put “Written Road” in the subject head along with your address, and Europe from a Backpack will do the rest.

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