Try pushing yourself a little bit harder for a day and see how you feel.

I’ve been working hard the past two days on another deadline for the humor book. In the past I’ve used the words “final edit” but we’re still not there yet. A few days ago Larry and I spoke about the TOC and we were both happy. Today I read a story that was a late addition, and suddenly I had a problem with the manuscript. In my opinion, we’ve got too much of one topic. I suggested deleting a previously “In” story, but I still need to talk to Larry and see how we can address this issue.

Back to turning up the furnace…I pushed myself hard today. And it energized me. With at least seven projects needing major work if not completion by Monday, and me working 8 hour days out of my home office, I need the extra juice.

Today reminded me of my old life in SF, even if I didn’t have the commute. It’s bitter sweet. The excitement of the deadline always gets me jazzed, but I’ve gotten accustomed to the peace of not running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

Test your limits. Find that level of production in you where the adrenaline kicks in. Once you find it, remember it, and use it when you need to. Accomplishment is an all natural high.

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