So I’m reading hard and fast cramming for the humor book. Trying desperately to find some big names for my first round of turning publisher info into Travelers’ Tales for the humor book. Due date tomorrow. Technically I have a few more weeks, but the little stuff has to get turned in first. Like my bio.

As you’ve probably seen on the Wild Writing Women web site, my bio is outdated. But doing a new bio isn’t the hard part. It’s making it funny. Look at the bio for TT’s humor editor/author, Doug Lansky. How can I compete with that? Ok, forget competition. How do I do an entertaining bio? It’s not that easy, but I don’t want to sound like some stodge just listing prior editorial accomplishments either.

Here’s the advice I got from a good friend of mine:

Tell a short story.

Don’t try too hard.

Mention condiments you like.

Easy for him to say. So, I punched something out last night while flipping between bad late night tv on Lifetime, USA, and other cable channels. We’ll see who I can get to take a look at it before I turn it in tomorrow. Bottom line….TT can help. It’s just a matter of turning something in so we don’t get off schedule.

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