What do you do with your travel journal once you’ve returned home? Craft those quickly jotted notes that were taking while sipping espresso on the piazza into a well crafted travel narrative and submit them to the Traveler’s Notebook Notes From the Road series. And you’ll get paid!

Known for its more in-depth informative articles on destinations, and all kinds of how-to’s — including getting the most out of your bus tour and traveling by cargo shipTraveler’s Notebook is now looking for shorter travel dispatches that do an excellent job of portraying the sounds, smells and characters of a certain place or experience.

What to send:
Stories that are between 400 – 800 words
Stories that are actually stories (They have a beginning, middle, and end)
Stories that have characters
Stories that are funny
Stories that are sad
Stories that are honest
Stories that are real
Stories about connecting (or being unable to connect) with people (physically, spiritually, whatever) and places
Stories that have dialogue
Stories written in your voice, not copying anyone else

Send narratives to david[at]matadornetwork[dot]com with text pasted into the body of the email. Put “Notes From the Road” in the subject line as well as the title. Previously published pieces, either in print or online, will not be accepted.


$25 via Paypal

For more info go here.

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