Sorry I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, I’m up to my neck in guidebook work, not to mention took a few days off to run to Vegas, and have had to put a few other projects to the side for the time being. I have about 6 weeks of traveling divided among Peru, Honduras, and New Orleans before the end of the year so am going to try to do far more posts on Writing on the Road than I have in the past.

Also, I wanted to remind everyone, particularly those writers looking to break in to travel writing that Matador’s Bounty Board is now loaded with assigments. Most are low paying, but if you want a nice looking clip and pocket scratch give it a try. Transitions Abroad, Wend, and a few others are listed there. I was assigned the Latin America part of the Favorable Exchange Rates piece from Matador weeks and weeks ago, so if you can tackle the other parts write in ASAP!

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