panties_s.gifI love Distant Lands! Last year Sand in My Bra was their #1 best selling title. A true honor. Well, it’s time to encourage Whose Panties Are These? to do the same.

Come out with me tonight!
Where: Distant Lands, 56 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105
When: 7:30pm
What to bring? Kleenex. Just in case you start crying while cracking up! Look out, if we get a big turn out, I’m reading Felice Prager’s “Waiting for the Big O.” I double dog dare you to sit in the front row!

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  1. Good luck tonight! I had hoped to attend, but I’m prepping for a trip to Mexico tomorrow night, so it’s not too likely. Besides, I doubt I’d make it in time. Santa Barbara traffic is a nightmare during rush hour. Have a great time, and let me (us) know how it goes!

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