Here are some quick links to stuff from around the web in the past week:

1) Media Bistro Toolbox’s Hit the Road Jack plugs Wendy Knight’s May 3rd Cambridge, MA travel writing seminar with some tips on how to write a strong travel article lead.

2) Tim Leffel links to WR, Rolf Potts, Travelers’ Tales, World Hum and others, and reminds us why we do it:

…if you’re going at travel writing with the goal of paying the mortgage or covering all your travels for years on end, there are certainly far easier ways to make a buck. Do it because you get giddy landing in a new place. Do it because you can’t wait to throw your pack on the floor of the guesthouse and go walking around without a map. Do it because you can’t wait to tell everyone what that odd character selling coconuts by the waterfall had to say about the next town over. Do it because you’re curious about the “why” of a place–its people, its culture, its customs, its food, and its perceptions about the world.

3) Tuesday’s USA Today highlighted five of the best blogs spreading the travel bug. I think the warning about BootsnAll says it all:“If this site doesn’t give someone the travel bug, nothing will.”


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