Attention all budding travel-filmmakers! has a travel documentary scholarship up for grabs. They want to take you and your talents to Vietnam, then air your work on the National Geographic Adventure Channel.

You’ll be lead by producer Trent O’Donnell across Southeast Asian with a team of 20 volunteer doctors. The doctors’ mission is to provide vital medical services to the host communities in Mai Chau Valley by setting up temporary health clinics.

As the winner of the scholarship, you’ll be there to tell their story.

How to enter

Applicants must submit a 3-minute video documentary in English based around the theme Journey into an Unknown Culture. The deadline is July 5, 2009. Applicants are also asked to submit 200 words or less on why they should be awarded the World Nomads 2009 Travel Documentary Scholarship.

What the judges are looking for
The ability to convey a strong narrative within a short timeframe


A visually engaging story

A candidate whose passion for documentary filmmaking makes them an obvious choice to benefit from this professional mentorship opportunity

For more information visit Documentary Scholarship

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