brule-tyler070215.jpgI always get an inexplicable kick when I hear of new magazine launches by prominent figures in the publishing industry, although I am not sure why. Guess it’s all about the ‘scoop value’, as I’d like to call it.

Wallpaper* founder and Financial Times columnist Tyler Brûlé has just launched his new magazine called Monocle. It will be a monthly magazine covering everything from business, current affairs, culture and design— and (in it’s words) “it is our intention to create a community of the most interested, and interesting people in the world”.

It brings together writers from The Independent, the BBC, and Condé Nast Traveler among others, and is based out of London.

It has been tagged an “aged Wallpaper*” by Gridskipper (perhaps how the name ‘Monocle‘ fits in?), a “global media brand” by Globorati and an offspring of The Economist and Vice magazines by the Huffington Post.

The first issue just out on the stands is 200-pages thick, and Brûlé expects to be selling 200,000 copies within six months.

I look forward to getting my hands on it.


  1. I just picked up a copy and thought the paper stock was surprisingly poor. At first glance everything looks nice and glossy, pretty photos, etc., but the low paper quality really detracts from what otherwise is a pretty impressive debut.

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