Hey everybody, I’m really excited to show you our new Marketplace. See that colorful button on the side? That’s for you. I get lots of inquiries from publishers and travel companies that want me to talk about their product. Well, now, they can say what they want to say.

The Marketplace is a page where sponsors can talk directly to this community of travel writers and travel lovers. Jeff Quinn of Man on the Scene, was first to jump in the game, and I’m thrilled that our first Marketplace sponsor was a travel writer. I would love it if this section was filled with travel products and gear that we can all use, or resources for travel writers. Editors, travel book publishers, travel writers that want to show off their work—step right up. And it’s CHEAP. Only $50/month with potential discounts for those that order in bulk. That, in the world of online advertising, is a bargain.

If you’re intersted, Brett Walker is your guy. Just email him and he’ll get you started. You can also call him at 503-528-1005.

Seeing the Bali Blog on our Marketplace reminds me how much I miss Nick O’Neill. And that I better check in and see what the hotspots in Bali are right now! He posts several times a day.

And big thanks to our admin guys at BootsnAll for coding this up and dressing up Written Road. I think we’re looking good these days, if I do say so myself.

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