Yup, I know there are dozens sprouting up everyday, but if you’re looking to get yourself out there, you just gotta write. Even if it’s for free. We asked the experts on this issue (to write for free or not) last year, you can read the piece here.

So on that note of getting published but not getting paid: We received a note from travel blog High Culture on a Low Budget, an online guide to European culture on the cheap, that they’re currently looking to build a staff of bloggers to cover the goings-on of the European cultural scene (museums, orchestras, dance companies, opera houses, theaters) and how it relates to European budget travel.

Those interested, please e-mail oliviagiovetti (AT) gmail (DOT) com with a brief outline of who you’ve written for and samples (preferably blog posts or travel-related pieces). Check out the website to get a feel of its tone/style/content.

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