NileGuide is an intelligent sort of travel guide, letting travelers create their own trips based upon their preferences that are then used to make specialized guide books that can be printed or accessed from a user’s iPhone; it’s like having a local guide right at your fingertips. But to create all the content, reviews and destination summaries that make NileGuide unique, the website depends on local experts, and the website is currently looking for more.

What NileGuide is looking for:
Web saavy travel writers to add unique local advice and content to destinations on Nile Guide. Activities will vary from reviewing the state of current points of interest, to writing descriptions of points of interests, to adding photos, to blogging and more.

Extremely knowledgeable about a specific destination
Proficient in Microsoft Excel — the program is used to collect data on specific places and points of interest
Live in the destination you are writing for
Have a college or university degree

Currently, these are work-for-hire assignments, and compensation will be fixed for each assignment. As the site grows, the payment model will be restructured to compensate writers based on the traffic that their content generates.

Cities that need Local Experts

US: Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio, Palm Springs, Palm Beach, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii (Big Island)

: Budapest, Copenhagen, Florence, Istanbul, Prague, Rome, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Stockholm

Central/South America: Puerta Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Acapulco

Asia/Pacific: Auckland, Bangkok

To apply:
Email your resume, a cover letter explaining why you would make a fantastic local expert, and a 200-word description of your destination to Victoria[at]nileguide[dot]com. Include a list of the publications (newspapers, magazines, blogs, email newsletters, etc.) that you read on a regular basis to keep you up to date on what is going on where you live. Put “application for local expert ” in the subject of the email.

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