This year I’d like to be more prepared for BEA. Which means showing up with my new and improved personal press kit and a book proposal. I put that humor one I’ve talked about before on the back burner but now is a good time to get it going. Especially since I’ll be working the humor angle with the release of Sand In My Bra.

A book proposal can seem intimidating. Most people think that if they haven’t written the book, they can’t do the proposal. Au contrair mon frere.

Now I’m starting to sound like some expert, when in actuality I haven’t completed one either. But let’s do one together, shall we?

So, where do you start?

Depending on who you’re sending it to, format will vary. Here’s what I plan to include:

Summary of Book
Market and Competition
Structure of Book
Sample Chapters
Bio and Marketing Ideas

Here are two sites that explain it a bit better. One is from an agent I’d like to keep an eye on,

The Perfect Book Proposal: A Step-by Step-Guide by Jenny Bent

How to write a non-fiction book proposal, from a UK agenting and consulting service called Utopia Media. (I just like the way they laid it out page by page)

And check out what National Writers Union member Miryam Ehrlich Williamson has to say about non fiction book proposals.

So will I do it this time? I have a little more than three months to pull it off. Seems like enough time to me. Working on yours? Email me, and we can encourage each other.


  1. Lots to remember but you can do it, Jen.

    This is most interesting. I have no desire to write an article, much less a book, but since I love, love, love to read, I am happy to lend encouragement, support, words that will keep-you-going – whatever, just write!

  2. This is a great idea, working on this together. Projects are so much easier with support. Count me in. BEA sounds like a good deadline/goal. I’m long overdue on book proposal work. As usual, your posts here provide inspiration 🙂

  3. Cool Rabbit, let me know if you want to discuss some intermittent deadlines. My next thing is the market research. I did some last year, but it’s already old.

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