Current Location: Palo Alto, CA

Current Weather: 61F, 16C, Sunny

Current Reads: Poker news on the web

Movies this week: 0

Times I almost went to the movies but there was nothing I wanted to see: 1

Pitches: 3 in 1 Magazine pitch

Assignment: 1

Times I was quoted in the media: 4

Publications I was quoted in: National Geographic Traveler (March), Wall Street Journal (3/21) “Notes from Nowhere: Travelers are going online to get the real skinny from those who have gone before them”, Relevant Magazine, and ForeWord Magazine (March/April) “Always Departing, Never Arriving New Travel Books Focus On the Journey.”

Pitches that need to be written and sent out: 2

Number of blogs I’m writing for: 3

Number of people helping me write for these blogs: 3

Number of magazine editors I’d like to ask me to write a poker story for them: 3

Number of Writing Conferences I’ll be speaking at this summer: 2

Writing Assignments I’m late on: 2

Chance that I’ll get them done before Vegas: Good

Nights I’ll be in Vegas these next seven days: 5

Hours expected to be spent at Howard Lederer’s All in Camp vs. Leo Family Reunion: Even split

Number of days until I move to Vegas: 16

Number of friends who already have plane tickets to come visit: 6

Place I came in at the Ladies International Pokers Series: #14

Women that went out of the tourney before me: 102

Spots I was away from making money: 5

Number of weeks it’s been since my last stats: 6.5

Cities I’ve been to since then: Portland, New York, Phoenix

Number of baseball games I saw last weekend: 2

Wifi Girl: Slainte

Next trip: Vegas on Thursday

Different flavors of Vitamin Water I’ve tried: 7

Vitamin water that works the best: Stress b

Best time to visit me in Vegas: Mid-May

What are you up to?


  1. Hey Jen. It was nice hanging out with you this past weekend. Hopefully Christie didn’t bore you too much while waiting for the rest of us to turn back on the hike. Sorry you were late to the Giants game…

    Those are some pretty good stats…especially how close you were to the money in that tourney.

  2. Current location: Bangalore, India (at home)
    Current weather: Suffice to say, boiling hot
    Current reads: My fav websites/blogs, including this one — no books, taking a break from books
    Current status: In search of a job – realised for more reasons that one, that I cannot be a freelance writer
    No of interviews: Two
    Outcomes: One rejection, another ….. hanging there. Second round of interviews this week with the same company
    Movies this week: One, walked out of it
    Meetings with friends: Plenty, unemployment has its benefits
    Immediate plans: To travel to kerala(3 weeks), once I get through an interview and get an appointment letter.To meet Sean in Delhi, if possible.

  3. Hey, Jen,

    I’ll be in Vegas this weekend visiting a friend. Feel free to call me if you want to meet up. I’ll have my phone with me. I believe you have my contact info. If not, just holler!

    dave prine

  4. Dave, I’m pretty slammed this weekend bouncing between the camp and my family, plus research for the new Vegas blog.
    Not meaning to sound like a stressed out bitch, I can probably make time for a drink if you come to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Email me at jen at jenleo dot com to exchange numbers.
    Please. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you that Phil Gordon has an article in this month’s Playboy. Here’s the skinny:

    A Full House ยป Poker night at your place doesn’t have to be a gamble. The right table, cards, chips, liquor and short-skirted waitress can make the difference between a disappointing evening and ESPN-worthy rounds of Texas Hold ‘Em. Here’s all you need to know about being the host with the most. By Phil Gordon

  6. Hey…thanks, Mike. I don’t expect you to read my other blog, but I already wrote it up on pPlayer. Wanna know the funny thing? I had a bitch of a time finding it. Went to four diff liquore stores before I found it.

    You going to come visit me in Vegas this summer? If not, I’m hoping to be in Milwaukee in October if not before…I’ll keep you posted. What’s up on your end?

  7. Current Location: Cube

    Current Weather: Sanitized

    Current Reads: Site Capabilities Matrix

    Is that the next Matrix sequel: no

    If it were: See Keanu Reeves solder silicon wafers onto a circuit board! Marvel as an army of slave laborers fasten cell phones together! Gasp as stuff is put into boxes and then onto trucks, and then taken off again somewhere else!

    Writing assignments: .5

    Pitches: 3

    Percent of pitches ignored: 100%

    Sweet press trips went on: 1

    # of free drinks in 4 days: 50-60

    Elevation: 8500-11000 ft.

    Hangover/Dehydration: 100%

    Actual Writers/Editors on trip: 6

    posers: 1

    they didn’t seem to catch on to you: ? hard to say after 50 drinks

    # of anti-poker backlash articles read: 2

    favorite quotes:
    “like watching old men with hemorrhoids sit around a table”

    “part of the continuing process of the pussification of the american male”

    “To Pussify” is a verb?: apparently

    # of writing groups given up on: 1

    # of classes paying to join again out of desperation but they won’t even let me drink beer during the session: 1

    But I’ll get my creative juices flowing by consuming: Human Growth Hormone

    Won’t that make your head bloat?: Yes, full of ideas, plus I can hit more home runs

    Time to get back to work: I guess…

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