Current Location: Detroit to LAX

Current Weather: who knows, cooler than Vegas

Current Reads:Vegas Trivia, and Avant Guide Las Vegas

Movies this week: Wedding Crashers X 2, Sahara, Fever Pitch, The Jacket, Beauty Shop

Months in Vegas since the move: 3.5

Days since I’ve been in Vegas: 10

Days until I’ll be in Vegas again: 4

Days since I’ve last been in a casino: 4

Magazine articles I’m currently Writing: 1

Magazines currently writing about me: 1

Times I introduced myself as a travel humor writer after accidentally spilling a full grande coffee down my leg upon boarding a nine hour flight: 1

Seatmate’s response: “Maybe this will make you funnier.”

Number of full glasses of red wine I spilled within 24 hours of the coffee spill: 1

Number of tablemates laughing at me then: 5

Total cities Rolf Potts and I have now had drinks together in: 10

Number of those cities that were not in the U.S.: 3

Days until Boyfriend X begins his debut tour: 19

Estimated # of friends (he needs to meet) that he’ll get introduced to: 16+

Estimated # of aquaintances he’ll meet that I’ll be ok with him not remembering: 20+

Current total of my peeps vs his peeps that have been met: 11 v. 9

Thoughts I’ve had about getting him a debut T-shirt with the tour cities listed on the back: 2

Scheduled tour stops booked: 2 out of 4

Tour cities he might not realize he needs to make a stop on: 2

Times a steward on the airplane asked me to reach into his pocket for a piece of candy: 1

Writers from Rolf’s class I gave one on one writing critique and consultation to: 5

Biggest worry: why my right hand hurts

Next Trip: San Francisco to speak at the Left Coast Writer’s event Aug 1

Last Trip: Paris

Last Stats

What are you up to?


  1. You jetsetter you. LOL I’m actually just finishing up my contributions to a DK guidebook and getting ready for my visits to Vegas and LA next month. Don’t know if you’ll have time in your schedule, but I’d love to say hi while I’m in Vegas. Email me if you think you’ll have time. 🙂

  2. Hey Michelle! I’ll be in Vegas most of August except for the Book Passage travel writers conference. It’d be great to meet up with you, but I’m faring a sad 50% visit rate for those that pass through town. But I will make an effort, and yes, lets catch up on email in the next few days. Good luck with your book!

  3. Number of friends who turned 21: 1

    How many drinks she has legally consumed in this country: 5 ½ (the other half was donated to her boyfriend’s pants…)

    Number of drinks I helped her with: 1

    Number of people helping do my hair for her first 21 bar hop night: 2

    Number of inches said style added to my height: 2-3

    Number off weird looks I received from said style: surprisingly none

    How excited I am to be in my alma mater town: 150% I may not leave…

    Number of songs it took to get up here: somewhere between 50 and 60.

    Number of songs currently loaded on my iPod: 3,885

    Percentage of said songs that are legal: 90%

    Gigs left on said iPod: 22.3

    Number of hours spent in water: 3 1/2

    Number of days said hours were spent: 1

    Number of pruney fingers and toes we all got: 40

    Number of old fat drunk hairy men who thought their hat was a Lillie pad: 1

    Number of people I encouraged to jump off of the rocks to land on said “Lillie pad”: 1

    Number of old London roommates seen: 3

    Number of old roommates who got their ass grabbed at the bars: 6

    Number of pictures I have looked at from London trip: 700+

    Rating of how frustrated that I can’t think of anything else fun to say: 9

  4. Alex, it’s GREAT to hear you having fun. If Chico feels the most like home….go! Or, stay! Whichever applies. And take your pares with you… 😉

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