What: NYU School of Professional Studies non-credit course

From Traveler to Travel Writer: A Writing Workshop

When: Friday & Saturday, July 8-9, 10 am – 4 pm

Where: Washington Square Campus

Cost: $340.00 (5% discount for online registration)

Instructor: Beth Greenfield

About the Class:

From itinerant traveler to travel writer, one’s mindset shifts from casual observer to active participant. Learn what it takes to be a travel writer, from pre-trip research and note taking to selective observation. Discuss story ideas; create structure for your story; and turn recollections into a marketable travel piece. Be prepared to write in class: choose a past trip or a familiar travel destination for your topic; bring notes, travel guidebooks, photos, postcards, journals, promotion material, clippings, and any other source materials. This workshop is structured so that each student composes a rough draft of a travel article.

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