I’ve been holding out on you.

I’ve been offered the position of hosting a radio show on the women’s channel for Sirius Satellite Radio. It’ll be a weekly hour long program called“On the Road Less Traveled with Jen Leo.”

Satellite radio has not reached the west or east coasts yet, so that gives me some time to prepare a few shows. But not long…it’ll debut July 1.

What’s satellite radio? Well, it’s like what cable is to your tv. All you have to do is
go out and buy a luxury car, where these new state of the art radios will be installed, and tune in to Sirius’s entertainment channel.

It’s pretty exciting. I’ll give you the full scoop, in the next go around. Until then, check out this article on satellite radio, and you’ll probably end up knowing more than me. Isn’t this fun?!

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