Check out Christine Cristiano's article on Paying Personal Essay Markets that was published in

She lists six different markets that pay between .10 – $2/word, and stories for $50-$3,000.

New to me was Impudent Magazine. Christine gives this inside scoop, “Impudent Magazine is set to debut in the fall of 2003 catering to the intelligent, urban crowd between the ages of 21 – 30 covering a wide array of topics – from sex to food to work to literature. Editorial Needs: Hip, edgy, original, non-fiction pieces between 500 – 3000 words, depending on subject. ”

Here are their guidelines.The audience is Canadian urbanites. And yes folks, they have a travel section. It’s called “Field Trips.” But study the guidelines. This ain’t no typical destination piece outlet.

“The key to successful contribution is creating articulate pieces that explore the uniquely unorthodox – unusual viewpoints or atypical subject matters. We want to arm our already smart audience with more mental fodder. We are aiming to present a variety of smart and controversial stuff in each issue – stuff that make our readers say, “huh, I never knew that.” The best kind of contribution sassily, sexily and/or smartly discusses a provocative, controversial aspect of the life of a young, urban hipster. “

Ooooh, someone who wants me to be sassy. OK.

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