This just in from Leif Pettersen, a travel writer who has made money from market leads here on Written Road.

“I found “Sand in My Bra” sitting in the book exchange in my
guesthouse here in Luang Prabang, Laos. I’m super pumped. I gonna
trade “Chasing Che” for it. From the looks of it, it’s been getting a
lot of love on the backpacker circuit.”


  1. that’s a dream!!! you should have leif scrawl written road’s URL in the front cover and have readers check in – your own homegrown book crossing.
    that kind of news is the kind that can make a whole month for the author!!!

  2. Ayun,

    That’s a brillaint idea. Consider it done. FYI – I’m taking the book to Bangkok and, depending on how slow I read, perhaps Hong Kong and Japan. I’ll make sure it finds a good home when I finish with it.

  3. Update from Leif:

    “You are not going to believe this, when I went to exchange my book for “Sand in My Bra” this morning, it was gone! According to the clerk, some ne’er do well grabbed it and locked in her room (like I should have done in the first place) without even putting in a book of
    her own, blatantly breaking the book exchange rules! Son of a… I had to leave for Bangkok without it. I’m crushed.”

    We appreciate your intentions anyway, Leif. Thanks! And let us know if you find it in Bangkok.

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