This article is a week old, but if you haven’t heard about it maybe you’d like to know about it. might not last past this month.

That saddens me. I don’t read Salon so frequently that I would consider myself a follower, but I do like their style. I just don’t make the time to visit a news mag, let alone subscribe, even if it’s as good as theirs.

The PR person in me is hopeful that this article in The New York Times caught the attention of some thick walleted fan who doesn’t want them to close. They haven’t been paying rent since December, “prompting the landlord to issue a demand last month for a $200,000 payment.”

Now I know SF is pricey, but I’d like to think that they good move their computers into a much more affordable locale and stay true to the cause rather than the prestige. And if they do get saved by some sugar daddy who saw them in the papers, could this work for other small worthy companies? Did their publicist plan this? And do others have too much pride to try it out for themselves?

I wouldn’t. And I’m hoping that gets their happy ending. Even if they have to make a few compromises and changes.

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  1. Salon is doing just fine.

    The articles predicting Salon’s demise come out every month, regular as clockwork.

    Some of the articles predicting Salon’s death were printed in magazines that themselves are now gone.

    It would please the mainstream press (as well as the right wing, which is more often than not the same critter) if this upstart bunch of yahoos from San Francisco would just die once and for all and stop repeatedly scooping them on major news stories.

    It won’t happen, so don’t hold your breath.

    As Salon is a publically traded entity, genuine information is not available to the press.

    The reporters are, as usual, talking out of their butt.

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