San Francisco Adventure in Travel Expo

October 8-10
San Mateo County Expo Center

Small myth. I will not be there. It’s very nice that they are listing me among the “World Renowned Authors who will be signing books at the SF ATE Show”, but I’ll be in Lansing, MI spreading the good word about Whose Panties Are These? to the booksellers of the Great Lakes region.

I did get asked, but decided that I’d rather be encouraging sales to those that are doing the handselling. I will be back in the Bay Area later that week, though.

If Travelers’ Tales could chime in with what exactly our participation is, that’d be helpful.


  1. Travelers Tales will have three speakers at the event – all on Sunday.
    (1) Marybeth Bond, editor of A Woman’s Europe, A Woman’s World, Gutsy Women, A Woman’s Passion for Travel, Gutsy Mamas, and A Mother’s World.
    (2) Michael Shapiro, the author of A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration.
    (3) Our very own executive editor, Larry Habegger, editor of innumerable Travelers’ Tales titles, including the recent anthology, The Best Travelers’ Tales 2004.

  2. Also – forgot to mention that Book Passage will be selling Travelers’ Tales Books at their booth, and will have plenty on hand of the authors who have speaking engagements at the event.

  3. I’ll be there in conversation with Jeff Greenwald, one of the 18 travel writers profiled in A Sense of Place. Our conversation will be at noon on Sunday October 10. Among the other authors who are joining me on this tour are Rick Steves in Seattle and Arthur Frommer in New York. For the full roster see and click on “Events.”

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