Chicago to Green Bay, WI is a nice drive. It doesn’t quite have the serenity of Virginia and Eastern Tennessee, but oh how I love all this farmland. Who knows if I’d go stir crazy if I actually lived in it, but I do like looking at the barns and silos as I drive by.

I left flyers at The Attic Books & Coffee, a used bookstore and cafe in the heart of the downtown. Then I went up to U of WI Green Bay and wondered if I needed a hunter’s permit to enter. The grounds are a combination of a prarie and a golf course. Put it this way, I saw a deer before I saw a student. So I put my flyers all over – Community Center by the dorms, Student Union, and all throughout the halls at the Student Center. I left two signed copies of Sand in My Bra with Wisconsin Public Radio, and suggested they use them as giveaways. He was pretty excited so I added a copy of There’s No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled

At Barnes & Noble in Green Bay I found a humor table right up front as I walked in the door. Great placement! Well, it would’ve been for Sand if they’d thought to shelve it there. But no. So, I went and grabbed the ONE copy they have in their travel essay section and put it in a good face out spot on the table. However every book had a good spot on the table, it was just well done. I thought about putting my flyers behind the book for when someone bought it, but I didn’t. I guess I was a chicken and didn’t want out sales reps to get in trouble should they chase all that info down.

Then I went to Kinkos and did a little research on local radio stations. I’ll be hitting some today and giving away more free copies in hopes of spreading the word.

Oh yeah, and my cousin Josh will love this…I put up flyers on the bulletin board and in the women’s room at a Panera (on the drive up).


  1. Hi

    Today I hit the bookstores of Bangalore, India. The book was not available anywhere, I actually led one proprietor to this blog, showed him the pic of the first lady and the book…(now maybe I will get to read it here in India). All the best 😎

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