The Bramobile needs some BlingBling. As you heard, I had to leave the pink one in San Diego. The new rental is no sight for sore eyes. I've had our blue and white sign on the back hood where it says:

Sand in My Bra
the funniest book this year

It was great while it lasted. My friend Leigh came with me from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We arrived at night, just the way I like it. For those who don’t know me, Vegas is my spiritual home. Some people have Nepal, I have Sin City.
I splurged on a $62 room at Bally’s which is slumming it for my usual fanfare, but it opened right onto the Paris shops so I was happy. After playing craps and slots till 1 (Leigh stayed up till 4am!) I got ready for lunch with the Women’s Chamber of Commerce-Nevada. I got to speak to this ambitious group of inspiring entrepreneurs and had them cackling with Panties or Prison. They bought 21 books! A few bought four! It was a big day for them too announcing their board members and new Athena Leadership award.

After taking Leigh to the airport I finally visited the Gambler’s Bookshop. It is THE shop for gamblers wanting to read up on the trade.

Huge sportsbetting section and all the how tos, history, and helping hands you can choose from. This will be an article in itself as owner, and 25 year shop worker, Howard Hughes gave me a personal hour long tour. If you bring him a homemade meatloaf, he’ll probably do the same for you, too. So, the take? $75 in “research” books. 🙂
I’m studying for my to-be gambling column. And I also told him about the RTW gambling book I’m interested in writing and he gave me all sorts of books to help. Lots of stuff I didn’t know. Luckily I have learned that I don’t have time for everything, so I bought these knowing full well they’d be back burner projects.
But today is the fourth day I’ve had it and it’s now ripped. When I went to take it off, I’ve realized that there are scratches on both sides where the cords were holding it on.

After forking out that cash, I didn’t really want to go back to the tables. I was restless and took pictures of downtown. Thought about staying at the infamous Binions Horseshoe, home of the World Poker Tournie, or Lady Luck, but I didn’t want to spend the money. Felt like driving, so I did. Over Hoover Dam in the dark and out east. But it got dangerous as I felt sleepy and still too stubborn to fork out $50 for a room.

I wound up sleeping in my car, this time at an RV place in Chloride, NV. I woke up at 7am and too late to do driving off unnoticed, so I went to the office and did the good deed of paying my $7. Seven bucks! When I heard that I started thinking there might be more of this in my future.

The next morning I found wild lillies in the shoulders on the road. I’d never seen them before and have definitely been this way before. They were white, and a fair amount all the way to Arizona. Simple. Pleasant. And a bit of company for me as I kept driving on.

And you know the rest about Susan calling me an hour before Flagstaff to say we’re on Oprah’s radar.

More tomorrow. Kinko’s is charging me and arm and a leg.

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