Last week I posted that I had been to Powell’s in Portland and found copies of Sand in My Bra in the travel writing section. It's a big shelf, but I was able to turn the four copies to an optimal position.

I was also happy to see that they had chosen Rolf’s book Vagabonding for their shelf of staff picks. But it was even more thrilling to see that they were sold out! I think that empty space above a recommendation says a lot to a customer looking at a staff pick shelf. It says even more to the book buyer. No doubt they stocked it back up as quick as humanly possible.

Here are the other pics thanks to my friend Sally:
Putting Sand face out
Sand and the proud editor


  1. Hey Jen, pretty soon YOU’LL be on that staff picks shelf, especially if you keep up the guerrilla marketing! I’ll continue to work for the cause…

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