1. I went to his reading in Portland. A most unassuming young man, humble and extremely appreciative of his background. He lived on 47th Street in Chicago at a time when that area was not particularly a hot spot for gentle, safe living.

    Anyhow, his book is good for a first one. He has the writer’s eye. I see him developing more and more. I look forward to his subsequent writings.

  2. thank you lady, I’ve been meaning to get this book and forgot both its title and the author’s name until you generous plug here!
    xo ayun 40 years 2 days & counting.

    I hear there’s vegas hotel rooms for 19 bucks on expedia!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ayun!!
    And hey, I hear there’s a room in Vegas for the price of a case of beer. 🙂

    Or…there will be…come on out, Chica!

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