This market lead isn’t specifically about travel writing, but it is an excellent opportunity if you’re looking for a free way to explore the world and start working on that Moleskine full of notes from around the globe for future tales.

STA Travel is currently accepting applications for its World Traveler Intern program. The program sends two interns around the world for three months, all expenses paid. And although STA is often associated with students, anyone under the age of 26 can apply.

Capturing amazing video footage and photos
Interviewing fellow travelers and locals
Showcasing your travel experiences to other fellow travelers through video, travel journal/blogs, podcasts, song & dance, etc.

Ridiculously strong passion and/or desire to travel the world and share experiences with others
Excellent creative, written and verbal skills
Outgoing personality
Video camera/photography skills
Basic Mac computer skills
Enjoy being active and able to hike, bike, kayak, and more!
Must be between the ages of 18-26

To apply you need to get uber creative and put together a YouTube video (if you need tips on putting together a clip, check out Tim’s series on creating video). You will also need to fill out an online application which includes a sample blog post. The deadline for applications is March 8, 2009.

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