I made major progress with the book proposal this weekend. I got fifteen chapters lined up with catchy titles and suggestive and intriguing teasers.

I also added a major feature to the book which will make it more unique. While I’m still working on the overview, my good friend Dana enthusiastically offered her help with editing the book. Not only does she know me well, but she knows my topic well. Dana has met and heard the stories of nearly all my romantic misadventures, and will not only help me mold the ones I’ve got going, but has reminded me of a few “old boyfriend tales” that I’d forgotten.

But the best part is having a qualified sounding board. It helps me to no end to have someone I can trust (and who’s good at grammar), be with me on this wild ride.

I’m still working on the Overview, but hope to have something ready to present by Friday morning.

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  1. This is fabulous that you’ve done so much on your proposal. I have bits and pieces, still hoping to pull it together over the next couple days, but it may need more time. I’m curious, from looking over the BEA schedule, if there’s a particular focus for submitting these or just an overall chance to connect with people in different booths. Glad you have support. I’m just an email away, if I can help in any way.

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