Craigslist in NY has a post calling for travel writing submissions. If you have a travel story, photo, or tip check them out. They say they're paying. It's fairly vague, and there's no connecting web site, but it's worth an inquiry.

Thanks for sending this in Amy 🙂


  1. When I sent this to Jen she said that it was vague and “not yet trustworthy.”
    Which got me thinking. What should one look for in a listing like this? What would you steer away from? What would you always make sure to find out before submitting to a new place? I certainly would want to check out the website, and it’s weird that there isn’t one. What else?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, Jen–or anyone else.

  2. I saw this ad the other day as well and wrote it off when I couldn’t find their website.
    After seeing it mentioned again here, I wrote them today asking for information on their company, a contact phone number, website, samples of work they’re publishing, if they have a website and how they market these articles.

    I’ll let you guys know if they respond.

  3. Here are the things about this site that raised a suspicious eyebrow for me:
    “America’s trusted source of travel-related editorial content” Ok, well, those are big words for someone I’ve never heard about.

    “Way Native delivers exclusive travel-related editorial content to newspapers and online news organizations across America.”
    They sound like agents. But if they’re trying to sell themselves, why wouldn’t they rope in top notch writers by giving us some client names. Are they delivering content to the Chicago Tribune? Or the somewheresville weekly chronicle?

    They say they pay and ask for the work in AP style, but don’t give guidlines. Don’t even invite us to write in for guidelines. This triggers my professionalism worry flare. How professional and legit can they be if they don’t have this available?

    Then when I went to see if they had a web site based on the poster’s email:, there was nothing at Well, it was an unfinished personal web site page for a Yahoo user. Again, not professional and a bit premature if launching a new service.

    Here’s what I like to know:
    Who are you? I admit, I don’t know everyone. So, tell me.

    Web site: Amy already metioned this, but besides having a web site, I should be able to find something about you if I’m doing a Google search on your name.

    Submission Guidelines. This is standard. Where are they? How can I get them?

    Examples: If I can’t see a free sample of your table of contents, or articles online, then I want to be able to buy a copy through the mail so I can study what you use, or in this case, what you sell.

    If you’re professional, tell me what you pay, or tell us that you don’t pay. Be upfront, and clear. Writers need to know what they’re getting into before they sign a contract. And that goes for rights too. Are we being required to sell all rights or one time rights?

    I hope that helps Amy. It would be worth it to look more into these people and if you get any interesting info, please pass it on.

  4. Thanks for your comment Tiffany,
    I was writing my response as you were posting yours. It seems we are both weary of the same things. That’ll be great if you can let us know what you hear back.

  5. Hi, I stumbled upon this site when I was doing a search on Waynative. I was excited when I first saw their listing on Craigslist as well, but when I realized there was very little info about the company, tried to do some digging. I got as far as you all did. Seems I was rightfully suspicious. Glad I found this before I tried to submit. Thanks.

  6. yeah, I actually tried the email address there for submitting and it got sent back. Hmm. No legit website, a not-working email address…what is this guy trying to do?
    Must be some “trusted source”

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