Where have I been the last seven years? I just found out today that Travelers’ Tales doesn’t do rejection letters. I know we’ve done them in the past, but I guess that our staff time and resources do not allow for that extra step anymore.

And yes, at the very bottom of the guidelines page is a sentence in the “Caveat” that reflects this position:

“Due to the large number of submissions received we will only contact you if we decide to include your submission in a Travelers’ Tales collection.”

Well, I just announced that I’m going to do rejection letters for Sand in My Bra or Hold My Purse While I Kick You in the Ass…whatever the title is going to be. Even if it has to come out of my own pocket. You heard it here, feel free to remind me to stick to it if I haven’t done it by March 2003.

Just trying to follow the golden rule as it applies to writers. Thankfully, many submissions came throuh over email, so I can at least respond that way…which won’t cost me anything but my time.

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