Symphony Space was kind enough to send us a copy of their new Travel Tales compact disc collection so I thought I’d share it with everyone.

The collection is made up of short travel clips (the combined total of the 6 stories is just three hours on three total discs). Other than the full length books by Bill Bryson and Jan Krakauer I haven’t seen any short stores available in audio versions, which are good for rides on the Metro or wandering in a strange city. I tend to get board with full length audio novels and ened up just buying the book, but I loved this.The stories are mostly classics, fun and sophisticated New Yorker type pieces, that are read by accomplished actors and actresses such as Bradley Whitford and Joanne Woodward before an audience. Very Prairie Home Companion. They aren’t adventure travel by any means, but are light and funny and speak of little quirks and amusing occurrences on traveling.

The tracks include pieces by N.M. Kelby, Max Steele, Nadine Gordimer, Joan Didion, Jason Brown, and Ring Lardner on topics such as the long walk from a family from Mozambique searching for refuge from war, a father and son sailing trip, a weekend with friends, and leaving New York. They also released at the same time a Food Fictions collection which I have heard is quite good as well.

The Cd’s are available at

To go to a live taping of a reading or any Symphony Space program or event, call: (212) 864-5400.

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