So I was on the phone with Susan this afternoon asking her to get some books shipped to Wordstock 2004 this weekend…all of a sudden she asks me “Are you eating junk food?” at which point I realize I left my manners in Chicago and had been chomping in her ear while we did our business. (A true sign of the level of our friendship. If we were just a little closer, I’d be calling her from the restroom). I didn’t want to say yes. I wanted to lie to her. And I never lie. Instead I tried to pump up the health value of a Chicago polish dog. You know, the kind with tomatoes and lettuce! She didn’t buy it so I told her that this was actually an improvement on my diet because earlier I really really wanted a donut. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve wanted a donut this bad.

Sean is going to laugh when he reads this. There are a concerned handful of people that care about my diet. My weight. My health.

And to both of you, I will simply laugh and tell you to sit down for this one. It’s already on my itinerary this weekend to be consuming large amounts of bacon, ice cream, movie food, eggs, potatoes, steak and beer. Just about in that order. Oh yes, and a little red wine. Maybe I can get to a 24 hour fitness next week.
But hey, at least I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s yet!

(this post was brought to you by the free WiFi at Portofino coffee house in Ann Arbor, MI)


  1. I pushed “published” too soon. I’ve now been asked to add a very dry martini to my weekend consumption. Sorry I’ll miss you Colleen!

  2. Well you talk to me at home (or while we are on the road) while you go to the bathroom, what’s the difference with you being away and on a cell phone? Enjoy the weekend, cuz you’llk be returning to healthy eating at my house!

  3. Polish Dawg…. yummmmm

    the cubs lost today and it appears that they will not make the playoffs despite our prayers… So you will be the only one enjoying polish chicago dawgs for now. I am envious as I munch on my 2nd organic wild oats salad of the day.

  4. Thanks! I can’t remember the last time I pigged down in true Leo fashion. But I’m ready! I’ll get a dog for you next week, Sean. Sorry to hear about the Cubbies.

  5. Wait. I did eat at McDonald’s. Actually, within an hour after the polish dog. 🙂 Soda and a chocolate milkshake! How could I forget?

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