Dear So and So,
You know you’re on a book tour when it’s 8am and you say to yourself, I need a drink.

But realizing that a statement like that could be miscontrued into your whole fanbase thinking you have a drinking problem, you quickly revise (even though it’s an internal dialogue), and say…I need to play Pai Gow.

But then you have to re-edit again because your boyfriend gave you some weekend cash on the semi-serious note that it should not be spent on Pai Gow, or Bacarrat, but he didn’t say anything about poker…hmm…and he did eventually say, oh go ahead and gamble but I get 50%. RE EDIT: I need a doughnut?

Why the dramas? My 87 Volvo broke down last night 24 miles from Vegas. I had just started to see the lights of the city. Not the ones at Primm or Stateline, where if you’ve never driven to Vegas, you THINK that you’re seeing the lights of Vegas, but you’re really not.

Anyway, the porn on the TV at the Best Western finally lulled me to sleep at 2am, and now I’m up frantically preparing for my event, which I didn’t even tell you about.

SATURDAY Oct 22, 2005
Las Vegas Library
10:30 – 11:45 Poker on TV? Gambling as a Spectator Sport

Panel discussion with Peter Alson, Nolan Dalla, David Schwartz
Moderator: Jen Leo

Reed Whipple Cultural Center – A
1:30 – 2:30 Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K

Pop Culture Commentary with Chris Epting, Glenn Gaslin, Jen Leo
Moderator: TBA

Anyway, I just talked to the shop, and they said it should be fixed today for $300. Timing belt. Susan got the brunt of my scared-of-the-dark issues last night. I would’ve called her a bitch for having drinks without me but she was being a gem for letting me call her in the middle of the night to vent, and then hang up because I was nearly out of juice, and then calling back, only to immediately hang up after 30 seconds because I was still worried the phone would run out before AAA got there. Which it didn’t.

If you want to know who hit on me on my drive to Vegas…read the JenLeoLIVE!

If you’re in Vegas, look for me. I’ll be the one hauling around three bags of junk, a hair straightner, black boots, and a box of books.


  1. I think a mimosa and a donut while you play pai gow is in order, and well deserved, even if it is 9am. Of course, I know full well that you don’t have time to do that before your gig, because you are having clothes issues, which means you aren’t dressed yet. Andyour gig is at 10:30. And being on Atkins, I can’t have the mimosa and donut, and being in suburbia means no pai gow. So I cant pitch in and help on that end. But I was happy to pitch in last nite, drink in hand, to help you out. Phone is right next to my bed for a reason. And I much prefer late nite, stuck at the side of the road with a broken down car type of calls, than a call from the hospital about my dad, or even those heavy breathing phone calls. So no worries. Have a good day!

  2. Everything works out. And now, BJ Nemeth, the hardest working guy in poker media, has signed on to be my chauffeur for the day. Upon meeting BJ at the Bellagio in April I quickly decided he needed me as his Lifestyle Manager. He’s been a quick study, smiles more, takes time to eat out, even if during work, and is spending lots of time thinking about non work items. Now, he has a chance to turn the tables and be my lifestyle savior for a day.

    And now I have a friend to hang out with all day. Yay! Pai Gow Gin and Tonic binge averted! Bring on the In N Out! Well, maybe I’ll have to take him somewhere nicer for his troubles…

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