I’ve been to Seattle several times, mostly for tour. But today she’s really shining. Last night I was a bit sad to leave my new home and had to mentally gear up for all the energy it would take to make this week of events fly. But this morning I woke up in a pretty good mood, and that only got better as I heard my latest favorite song on the radio driving to the airport. “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier,” by the Killers. John was laughing at me that I got so excited when it came on, but I just kept singing and told him you KNOW you’re going to have a great day when you hear your fave song first thing in the morning.

Everything is shaping up. Last night I heard from my friend Andy who opened up his home to me at the very last hour. This is a good thing because I was lax in letting him know I was coming up, and I told him I’d cut off my right pinky if we couldn’t see each other because of my negligence. But I get to keep my finger, YEAH! He and his wife Wendy are good fun, live in a neat co-op, and I’m lucky to have friends like them in this port.

But it just keeps getting better. AVIS rules and I got my rental car (a minivan) without hassle. I cruised into town, found my way to Wallingford (where Wide World Books and Maps is), and drove over to the Fremont Bridge where there is a cool community of shops and restaurants. I could start to love it and think about living here if it was warm enough for the BBE, but I don’t even let myself think that way. It’s still a bit too big, and Milwuakee, for me, is still a better fit.

A friend rec’d a superb sushi restaurant for lunch, Chiso, but they weren’t open so I chose Dad Watson’s Brewery across the street instead. Guess what? It was a McMenamin’s! Nice booths, cool Pan Asian interior with a hint of Latin and Dutch décor. It’s so cool to recognize the menu, and I’m sipping on one of my fave beers ever—McMenamin’s Hammerhead.

Tonight the events is at Wide World Books and Maps, and afterwards I’ll catch up on life with Andy and Wendy. Tomorrow I’m having lunch with some friends of the BBE. They’ve got a fresh Dungenous crab lunch waiting for me on my way to Vancouver, CANADA.

For all you writers out there, this is the fun part of the tour. Meeting up with friends in towns on your route. For me, this trip to Seattle has become an annual event. I know exactly where I’m going to sleep at Andy’s and the familiarity is comforting. Same as accidentally wandering into a McMenamins.

So, get your butt on over to Wide World tonight. Katie McClane will be there, and we guarantee you’ll be cracking up at stories from The Thong Also Rises!

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  1. Shoot. Sorry I missed it! Hope you had a great turn out.

    If you find yourself back in Fremont again, be sure to check out some of the other great restaurants… The Red Door and El Camino are two of my favs. Or, the Astroid Cafe if you are in Wallingford.

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