On the drive, about an hour out from Memphis…
When I called my friend Hugh to tell him what I saw, he said with no surprise, “Welcome to the South, Hon!”

Read on to see who was driving the truck!!! It gets better….

These guys gave me the peace sign, blew me some kisses, and took a picture of me from their phone! Yeah, those are Chicken McNuggets I’m gorging on in the reflection…


  1. OMG!!! One of the best phone calls from the road you have ever made. I had the whole office laughing so hard! I couldn’t make this shit up if I wanted to….

  2. Welcome to the south hon we take care of each other.This gal was walking down the interstate trying to hitch it home to Hot Springs Arkansas.I was going to Tennessee so i took her to the Hayti Missouri exit.If you wanted some real laughs you shoulda been monitoring channel 19 on the CB.Anyways i did a good deed and i had a few laughs.Me and the copilot thought it was funny and showed our boss this when he got back to Tennessee.He requests that you blur out his license plate number and phone number.Lets see some more pictures of The Drive.

  3. And yes, you do take care of each other. I got taken care of by my friends at Midtown Books in Memphis last night, and Eric at Dancing Pigs BBQ on Madison remembered me and bought my pulled pork on toast for me since I had returned.

    There’s nothing like coming home. Even if I wasn’t born here.

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