I was raring and ready to start my day today, but the BraMobile wasn't. She just didn't want to turn over.

A bit of panic set in. You see, last week I went to buy a laptop. I wanted to pay for a third of it and finance the rest. Well, for a variety of reasons, it didn't work out. I was mad, and contemplated paying for the whole thing in cash, but didn’t want to. I figured that there was a reason I needed the money.

Well this morning when she didn’t start I feared that if the car costs too much to fix, that TT might cancel the tour. Of course this is just a “what if” and I haven’t even talked to them or gotten an estimate yet, so it’s pointless to discuss. But still, these are the things that are going through my mind. (Non Sequiter being that I would need that would-have-been computer money for my next step)

Obviously, I’d still do the Portland and Seattle part, and I could even fly to Chicago, but the rest…

No need to get my knickers in a knot —just yet. I’m on the phone with my dad and he thinks it’s just an alternator problem that should be about $100-$150 to fix. That we can do, I’m pretty sure. Ok, just talked to another car pro and he says that it could be anything, but all things dealing with starting the car are pretty inexpensive.

Good news. Thanks for the vent.

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  1. man! makes you want to hop aboard a slow train from say, caluctta to delhi, throw clay cups out the window for the cows…
    cars are awful. when i’m not using them to hit other people’s cars at speeds under 5 MPH, I’m wondering how much i’m throwing to rent this dumb saturn that makes me look like a tourist.

    i hope it’s cheapie.

    greg’s reclaiming the online seat he lost while reading inky to sleep, but i just wanted to say, I was moved to post not only by your plight but by a recent predecessor in the ‘recent posters’ sidebar who wants to enlarge your penis, apparently.
    Are you sure you want to throw all this money into your ignition when a big new penis is there for the asking, provided you can pay?

    xo Ayun

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