As you know, I was excited about coming to this. I'm pleased to say that I wasn't let down. Chris and I had planned to go both Saturday and Sunday. As it turned out we were able to get plenty from our Saturday visit and decided to skip the long haul into town today.

The show was held on three floors, and we got a free program, map, and list of exhibitors with contact details upon entry. The temptation to dive right into the first magazine booths we saw was pretty high, but it was important to get organized, smack on some lipstick, brush the hair, ready the business cards, and most importantly — take Chris up on his offer to carry my pack of books and supplies.

Then we started from the bottom of the three floors and worked our way up. Remember, I wasn’t going to this show from the standpoint of a traveler looking for the next cool trip. I wanted to go to meet editors, build new contacts, and familiarize myself with more of the industry. The show consisted of tour operators, travel book publishers, magazine publishers, tourist boards, and those selling gear, gadgets, and anything you can think of that a traveler would need—including a new Nissan X-Trail. There were climbing walls, a diving pool, travel connection and job boards, and a restaurant serving beer and wine. As a foundation, there were not stop travel talks and advice seminars going on in six different rooms throughout the hall.

One of the first tour operators we stopped at was considerably focused on her target audience. When I asked her what they did she immediately said that they market to the 17-25 crowd and gave me the look that expressed this wasn’t for me. Chris and I were about to feel a bit archaic, but looking at the packed attendance, we were far from the oldest in the room. In fact, as thirtysomethings we were in the majority of conference goers. There were not too many college aged kids, and there were plenty of adventure enthusiasts in their forties and fifties.

The people manning the booths also ran the gamut. Sometimes they were know-nothing attractive faces that sat behind a table and passed out brochures, while others were company owners actively promoting their services. There were also the usual marketing and sales reps with editors behind the curtain or off talking to others. I picked up almost all of the magazines that were there, found story leads, made contacts that offered me a trip, interviewed Editor Lyn Hughes of Wanderlust, met Dominic tombs from Global, and got appropriate press contact info for the Finnish and Moroccan tourist boards. We sat in a talk from the author of Rough Guide to the Australian Outback. We skipped the other talks since we were so busy with the booths, and I felt better about missing the class on travel writing when Lyn told me that it was mostly newbies and beginner info. The only talk I really wanted to go to was on Sunday, and about how to break into Travel TV. But at $40 to get there and get in, plus an hour and a half commute each way, we decided it wasn’t worth it for that 20 minute lecture.

So, lets go through the magazines, and I’ll give you what contact information I found. The Wanderlust interview will come in a separate post, so just hold tight for that.

Overall, I give this show a big thumbs up. Chris said it was even better than the independent travel one he went to last February.

Editor: Nick Smith
Editorial and advertising address:
Geographical, Unit 11
124-128 Balby Road
London W10 6BL
Tel: 020 8960 6400

NOTES: I met Nick and he said that their submission guidelines are not up to par. He’s in the process of rewriting them and I’ll be emailing him for that update. Until then, here is what they have listed in their magazine.

Editorial proposals are only required from established writers and photojournalists. Please send them to or to the editorial address above. Contributors’ guidelines can be found on our website or email Geographical cannot guarantee the return of unsolicited photographical material unless it is accompanied by a stampled, self-addressed envelope.

Editor: Dominic Tombs
Castle House
97 High Street
Cochester, Essex, CO1 1TH
Tel: 01206 50592

NOTES: Travelers will fall instantly in love with this magazine. I look forward to talking more with Dominic. Until then, here are their online submission guidelines.

In London: Your Guide to Living and Working in the Captial
Editor: Samantha Dalton
Welcome Stranger Ltd.
Floor 3, Brook House
229 – 234 Shepherds Bush Road
London W6 7AN
Tel: 020 7557 4700

Notes: Their mag will definitely sell if they keep covers like the one they have on this issue — a sexy neglige shot of Holly Valance. No online guidelines, but here’s their contact page.

LAM: Living Abroad Magazine
Travel Editor: Jeremy Head
LAM Magazine
Independent House
191 Marsh Wall
London E14 9RS
Tel: 020 7005 5858

Notes: (from the program) A monthly feature led liefestyle magazine LAM reaches Lodnon, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dublin. Every issue is jampacked with cutting edge features on the latest music, theatre, cinema, night life and jobs offering inside information for young foreign visitors making the most out of living in the UK and Ireland, plus in-depth travel information for those looking to explore the four corners of the globe and more.

Outdoor Pursuits Magazine
Editor: John Traynor
Editorial Offices:
The Cottage, Moorland
Box End Road, Bromham
MK43 8LU
Tel: 01234 853970

Notes: (from the program) Now in its tenth year of publication Outdoor Pursuits Magazine is aimed at a wide spectrum of active outdoor people whose interests span more than one activity.

Wanderlust Magazine
PO Box 1832
Windsor, Berkshire
Tel:01753 620426

NOTES: One of my all time faves. I was thrilled to get to sit down with Editor Lyn Hughes, and a full interview will come. I was a bit bummed I didn’t get to see Lizzie Kendon, but maybe another time. (from the program) Wanderlust is the UK’s leading travel magazine for people who want to discover new destinations or secret corners of familiar places. Published every month, each issue is crammed full of inspirational ideas and practical information, news, reviews and competitions, all backed up with award winning photography and writing.


  1. I can’t believe you met with Lyn of Wanderlust!! It is also my favourite magazine. Really looking forward to reading that interview. Thanks for all the info on UK mag editors. They’re an intimidating market, but one definitely worth looking into.

  2. You can break in, Xtine. Start with the departments. And yes, I will get to the Wanderlust interview, but it takes a little bit more work than these others right now. Hold tight.

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