That’s his/her honeymoon. It’s not that you couldn’t, but you really shouldn’t. I mean this trip is one where work shouldn’t come into play. You owe at least that to your new spouse.

I’ve only been writing for this site for the past few months and haven’t even been properly introduced yet, so excuse the break. I’m getting married last Saturday here in Lima, Peru and then will be traveling a few weeks for my honeymoon and moving back to Ohio. So, you won’t hear from me until the first week of June, but Abha has everything covered as you can tell from her flood of posts in the past week. For those that don’t know, the bios of Abha and I (we’re the newest writers to WrittenRoad), can now be found on the profile page. Hopefully you will enjoy the interview with Pauline Frommer that I’ll be posting here shortly.


  1. I have to disagree with this one. If your spouse knew they were marrying a travel writer, they knew what they were getting into. I’m currently writing a book about our honeymoon:

    My wife is fine with it because (1) it’s what I do, and (2) the book will be the long answer to all the “How was your trip?” questions we get, which are more and more difficult to answer, especially the 30-second answer people expect about our 16-month, 16-country epic journey of a lifetime…

  2. Some people enjoy more than one honeymoon in their life, for a few it’s even a sport. I’m waiting for a Honeymoon Series of an experienced Honeymooner, on what mistakes to avoid and how to get the best deals out of it. Not the sort of Gold Digger report of course.

    But maybe the best advice is to avoid Honeymoon and previous related legal activities altogether. Not the sporty ones of course…..

    Cheers from Bali,


    Life is what you make it!

  3. Josh, sorry about the delay on this one. I just caught it. You’re right, there are some instances where writing about a honeymoon is ok. I guess what I was trying to say was your honeymoon shouldn’t be work. Writing after the fact is something completely different and I’ve already pitched a few stories that came to me on my honeymoon.

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