RRBI.jpgI was in Vegas getting some sun at the exclusive Moorea Beach Club, a private adult only pool area at Mandalay Bay, when I thought of you readers. You single, male, affluent readers. The Moorea Beach Club is an absolute haven away from the masses that crowd the Mandalay Beach and all the kids that are runnning around (albeit having fun). But sometimes you just want your own lounge chair, cocktail service, spritzer boy—and to go topless. It is the pool for the beautiful people in the know.

I was cooling off in the pool and looking out at the array of bathers when I noticed a guy reading the Robb Report. In case you didn’t know, this is the ultimate resource in uber-bling travel. The man was ok looking, certainly not ugly, but definitely not handsome. Still, I was immediately aware of him because of the magazine. And then I couldn’t help but laugh to myself.


If a man wanted a trophy on his arm, and could spare some expense, why not lure in beautiful women with fantasies (if not promise) of luxury travel to far off lands? A brilliant idea. And maybe this guy had already thought of it? Because he was surrounded by beautiful topless women. Only I think I was the only one who noticed he was reading it. Still, a great idea for other wealthy single travelers out there – don’t leave home without it!

Then of course, you could be reading it and have a beautiful woman come up to you…just see how long it takes her to turn around when she finds out you’re peering through it in search of your most recent clip.

If you want to write for the Robb Report, find out more information from their editorial office:

Lori Bryan
Associate Managing Editor
CurtCo Robb Media
29160 Heathercliff Rd., Ste 200
Malibu, CA 90265


  1. i once dated someone who loved to read yachting magazines (huge
    expensive multi-tiered yachts) and he couldn’t
    even afford the rent some months. Don’t
    judge a guy by the mag he reads!! he may be
    a simple dreamer like you (and me).

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