The word has just gotten out, and it’s already been covered considerably. The Travel Channel has acquired World Hum.

Taken over!? Gobbled-up by the fierce and firey bigshots at Discovery? Log on to World Hum now and you can already see embedded into the page The Travel Channel orange ‘T’ on the top right corner. What does this mean?

Well, it can’t be said better than in this round-up interview with co-founder Michael Yessis on Budget Travel.

On the other hand, it’s hard not to take heed that acquisitions normally result in the confiscation of the identity of what has been taken over. Bigger budgets, more resources, wider audience, new source of income etc, have often lead to the manipulation of the original product.

One of World Hum’s key unique features is that for the six years it has been running, it has never had a commercial goal – it’s always been true to authentic and unique travel stories and anecdotes.

The result of this take-over may make World Hum ‘richer’ both in design and content, but what I hope is that it stays the down-to-earth, personal and approachable site it has always been.

The promise is that it will. And the little I know about the founders (Jim Benning and Michael Yessis), it will not only stay that way, but as they now will both be working full time on World Hum, the site will have a lot more to offer. I have faith!

All the best to World Hum, we here at Written Road will stay tuned.


  1. My instinctive response is, “bummer.” My more hopeful side says the site will still be worth reading.

    But I can’t help but wonder: Will we now be finding stories about the “Top 10 Haunted Roller Coasters in South Jersey” and “Missouri Championship Poker Tour” on World Hum? Say it ain’t so!

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