It’s a short post today – I’m finishing the final touches on some presentations I’ll be giving at the Society of American Travel Writers’ annual conference in Houston, Texas, and I didn’t want to shortchange my interview with interactive journalist Tyson Anderson (check back soon for that one—he’s got some great insights on infographics, pitching multimedia, and on being a young journalist).

Instead, I wanted to pass along a nod to a not-so-quiet guy who just so happens to love cats, racing triathlons and helping out reporters. Peter Shankman, a solid PR guy himself, started a Facebook group recently titled: Help a Reporter Out (HARO for short) and it has already exploded into a small phenomenon.

Today HARO has over 35,000 members, and Peter sends out three daily emails filled with potential job openings, potential writing gigs, and journalist queries. In fact, I originally found out about the opening at this weekend’s conference through HARO, so there’s some proof it works.

If you haven’t already, take a moment and sign up. It’s a great resource for writers, editors, PR folks and anyone else who wants know who what’s going on in the journalism world today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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