Hey Everybody, I’m up in the air about a title use for the women’s humor book. I’d love your feedback. You can give your anonymous opinion on the BootsnAll message boards where I posted a poll, or you can give me your feedback here. These are the five I’ve got going so far, but am open to new fresh ideas if you have some.

Thanks for telling me which one is your favorite!

1) Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why
2) Hold My Purse While I Squat Behind This Bush
3) We’re Not There Yet and I Won’t Tell You Again
4) Leave the Man & Curling Iron at Home
5) What Really Happened: True Confessions from Women Abroad (I changed this from the BnA poll–there aren’t too many femme fatales in the book)

NOTE: all of them will have some kind of subtitle to the effect–funny women write from the road.

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